God is at work in the Eastern New York/New England District! We’re excited that He’s using Church Planting to help refocus us for missional ministry in the region. Many are asking how they can get involved in church multiplication. I’m happy to share at least five ways you can get involved!

1. You Can Pray
The greatest need we have in planting new churches is a broad and dedicated team of prayer partners to support the people who embrace the adventure. Winning people to Jesus is first and foremost a spiritual transaction and without consistent prayer, Satan will seek to overpower the planter and planting team. You can ask God to call planters to the work. You can ask Him to raise up individuals to give financially. You can intercede for wisdom in selecting communities where planting will take place.

2. You Can Give
Resourcing a church multiplication movement is a key component to initiating and sustaining a viable planting agenda. No gift is too small and no amount too large for supporting our prevailing purpose.

3. You Can Share
You’d be surprised at how God can use little things to make a significant difference in a planter/planting team’s ministry. Stamps, coffee cards, remembering birthdays and anniversaries, notes of encouragement, phone or email contact all communicate to the team that they are not serving alone but that their friends are standing with them for souls.

4. You Can Volunteer
A church planting project launch requires a lot of participants to make it happen. You and your church can help lift a plant off the launching pad by volunteering your time, talents, and expertise throughout the key stages of the church’s development. You can give a day, a week, a month or even a lifetime to assisting in the development of a new Wesleyan Church in our region.

5. You Can Go
God is responding to our commitment to plant churches by reaching out and calling individuals and families to leave the security of the established church to plant new communities of faith in other towns or cities in eastern New York and New England. Is God calling you? Need more information? Contact us today and we’ll help you get started in the assessment process and in the adventure that is church multiplication!