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In order to remain in good standing with the Wesleyan Church, all district personnel are required to fill out an Annual Service Report.  Exceptions can be made for medical reasons. Personnel: Ordained and licensed pastors in an appointed position, ordained ministers without appointment, retired ordained ministers, ordained chaplains, ordained missionaries, ordained ministers in inter-church service, commissioned ministers, commissioned lay special workers, and ministerial students, supply pastors, etc.

All reporting is done online through the Wesleyan Portal.  To access the Pastor & Student Portals, go to (or use link below).  Enter the appropriate Portal and log in.  When you select ‘Fill out your ASR’, the report that is appropriate to you will automatically open.  Fill it out and submit.  Unlike other years, you do not have to print and submit to the district office.  The reports can be accessed by the district office.

ASR’s due by May 15.  It is important to file your report on time.  If your report is submitted after May 15, you will be reported as being late to the District Conference.  If you neglect to file a report for two years in a row, you will receive a warning, and after the third year, your credentials will be revoked.

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